Robertson Clansmen Badge (Clan Donnacaidh)
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Welcome To My Scottish Heritage Page. I have used the Robertson Red (1831 Logan) Tartan as the background in honor of my mother's family. My great-grandmother was Minnie Estelle Robertson of Buckingham County, Virginia. Her great-grandfather was Hugh Robertson who was from Scotland. We can trace our lineage back well beyond Duncan I, the King of Scotland who is the Duncan whose children Clan Donnachaidh (Gaelic meaning literally Duncan's children) are decendants. This is the same Duncan who was killed by MacBeth of Shakespeare fame. (Although MacBeth killed him in battle in reality not at all like the way Shakespeare portrayed it.) I am the 33rd great-grandson of Duncan I. The ancestors of the Robertsons were known by the Romans as the Kaledonioi, and fought in the battle of Mons Graupius against the Romans in the year 84 A.D. It was my ancestor, Kenneth McAlpine who united the Picts and the Scots in 843 A.D. and is considered the Founder Of Scotland!

If you mouse over the Robertson clansman badge you will see that it changes to the Gordon clansman badge. The Todd family is a part of the House of Gordon. My 3rd great-grandfather, John Southerland Cairnes Todd was born in Glasgow, Scotland. His family had recently moved there from Aberdeen. It seems the family went back and forth between Aberdeen and Glasgow. So far my mom has only traced our Todd ancestors to James Tod (Todd) who was born about 1720 in Glasgow. The family story behind the Todd name is that our ancestor was a Gordon who was sly and crafty like a fox and was called "the todd" which is a male fox. We don't know if it is true, but it makes a good story. It is interesting to note that the Gordon slogan was not Bydand at that time, but Animo Non Astutia, meaning By Courage Not Craft ... could be that a crafty Gordon would earn the handle of  The Todd for being sly like a fox.

Todd Genealogy is a link to my Dad's genealogy website (created by my mom, the genealogist). Robertson Genealogy and Robertson Information are links to my Mom's Robertson genealogy site (from there you can access the Mundy Genealogy site as well.)

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